Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pickled Salmon

We just came back from an amazing weekend with my brother in-law and sister in-law. We pretty much always stay home for the weekends because my husband’s in medical school and can’t afford to lose out on any studying time. This week happened to work out, and we spent Shabbos in a lovely hotel up north. It was nice to be surrounded by Hashem’s beautiful creations of nature and to have a break from regular Shabbos chores of clearing the table, washing the dishes; you understand my drift, right?  

One of the gorgeous views from our trip 

Now it’s time for real life, which is fine. Real life is always a lot more fun after a vacation! I definitely would recommend Kibbutz Lavi Hotel for your next vacation! Contact me if you’re interested in more details (no, I was not paid to write this..).

Back to the recipe at a hand: I generally make salmon with Mikee’s sesame Teriyaki sauce. It’s super easy. You just pour on the sauce and broil for 20 minutes. My mother’s specialty is pickled salmon. It’s really yummy but just slightly more of a hassle…or so I thought.

My husband asked me on a few occasions if I could get the recipe, to which I responded, “You don’t like it how I make it?” Of course he said he did, and that was the end of that!

I decided though for yom tov to give it a try, and I realized how I much I missed this type of salmon, as well! It’s a totally a different type of texture all together. It’s very soft and is a light pink color. We really like it, and it’s really not such a big deal. Plus an extra perk is that it lasts up to 2 weeks in the fridge because it is made with vinegar.
Here is the recipe! Enjoy!

Salmon, sliced and skinned
2 onions, thinly sliced
4 cups Water
1 cup Vinegar
1 cup Sugar
½ tsp salt
Pickling spice
Bay leaves
(They don’t sell pickling spice and bay leaves in the neighborhood I live in. I left them out (as per my mother’s advice) and it tasted totally the same!)

1.       Place all your ingredients in a pot, aside for the salmon, and boil for 30 minutes.
2.       Add salmon. Let sit in boiling liquid for 2 minutes. Then turn off the flame and cover the pot for 10 minutes. I know it sounds scary, but it’ll be just fine! If you over cook it, it won’t be as deliciously soft!