Thursday, April 30, 2015


With a title and a picture like this, I need to do a lot of explaining, which will be my pleasure, really.

 Yapchik is a polish cholent. Its main difference from traditional cholent is that it lacks beans and barley. The best description of yapchik would be to call it a meat potato kugel. It’s truly decadent, in a manly sort of way. It’s made in a crockpot or pot and cooked overnight. Grated potatoes on the bottom, a layer of meat in the middle, and grated potatoes on top.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Quick Teriyaki Chicken Stir-Fry

Hi Guys :)
If you’re like me then you’re always scrounging for new, easy, and healthy dinner recipes! Dinner is one of those things that happens EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!! There are no breaks when it comes to serving your family good food. The truth is that dinner is so much more than food; it’s a time when everyone is nourished physically and emotionally. When my husband and I eat dinner together, it’s our time to connect after a long day and share whatever funny (or not so funny!!) things happened that day.
I remember coming home from school each day and asking my mother what’s for dinner. To me, it was a standard question. No malice intended. I had a long grueling day of cliques, teachers, and quizzes, and now I wanted to hear about the one stable and good thing that was coming my way- a hearty dinner.
Now that I’m wearing the apron, I could appreciate how much pressure that simple question could create! I mean if dinner is not prepared or not a family favorite then this question could bring on serious tension. However, on days where a delectable dinner is warming in the oven and ready to eat, the standard dinner questions are music to my ears.
So friends, let me share with you a dinner recipe that is quick (it’s in the name), healthy, and really good!
Just some tidbits: This recipe was first introduced to me by my one and only sister J. I then discovered that it’s written up in the Bais Yaakov cookbook. I basically used their measurements and wording to write-up the recipe, with some changes. If I want to serve more people than 2-3 with this recipe, I just add another pound of chicken without changing any other measurements. Also, click here to read about how you could cut your prep time in half by prepping and freezing your chicken in advance.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Apple Sauce

Pesach was really nice, thank Gd, but there was never enough time to post any recipes! My mother in law was flying in the kitchen from one dish to the next, and I could not take notes fast enough! So now that everything has calmed down, I hope to catch up and jot down some of the pesachdik recipes!
This apple sauce recipe is quite easy and appreciated by all. After a 3 course yom tov meal, this light and sweet dish was the perfect thing. My baby cried because I was not feeding it to him fast enough!!
Hope you enjoy this kosher for Passover dish- on the holidays and all year round!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Flounder Vegetable Roll

I have always been in awe of my mother in-law’s flounder roll-up starter. It’s a statement dish. I guess the statement would be that “Yom tov is here and that is why this beautiful starter is sitting before your very eyes!” This Pesach we have the honor of hosting my in-laws. They arrived a few days before yom tov, and my mother in-law and I are busy baking and cooking and making menus in the kitchen. Well, she’s mainly the one cooking and I’m mainly just watching! When she asked if I could peel and grate the veggies for the flounder roll-ups, I was super excited. I always meant to ask for the recipe, but it never happened. Now that I played an active role in the process, I saw that it really does not take as much work to make this beautiful master piece as I had previously thought!

Here are step by step instructions with pictures. It’ll show you that it’s not as hard as it looks J