Sunday, August 2, 2015

Stroller Cookies

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful summer. Summer has been really busy around here, in a good way! During July, my husband and I worked in a Jewish Medical Ethics and Israel Experience Program in Bayit VeGan. It was a wonderful experience in so many ways! Now in August, we are all
home, and we are trying to make the most of our time together. I was actually contemplating just waiting until summer was done to write a new post, but thanks to my cousin, Yehudis, I was motivated to find the time and do it!  

I made these adorable stroller cookies right by the end of June, and I’ve been meaning to post them ever since!! What was the occasion? My neighbor, Elisheva, was making a Kiddush for her baby girl, and this was my contribution to the party. I first learned about these cookies by my daughter’s Kiddush, close to 3 years ago. I actually had 2 friends send over these cookies and I was like, “What?! How come I never heard of these!”

My friend’s Kiddush was one big pink party, with pink table cloths, center pieces, and decor. The cookies were placed around the tables as part of the decorations. I wish I could have taken pictures! It gave me extra pride when I saw children with their sacred plates of candy, sporting a stroller cookie!

These cookies are obviously not hard, but they are slightly tedious. My friend Chana Miriam was visiting at the time, so we did it together, which made it more enjoyable and take less time. Thanks to her, I am able to post step-by-step photos. (And do not be mistaken, those beautifully manicured hands do not belong to me!)

These cookies are pretty self-explanatory, but here are the steps, none the less!

Here is what you need:

Half-moon cookies, circular pretzels (or any circular cookie/candy), chocolate chips (for the glue), silicon bags, and pink/blue ribbon of your choice.

1.       First start off by melting some chocolate chips. You could melt yours in a microwave or your stove top. Try and work quickly with your melted chocolate, before it begins to harden. I like to stir mine every so often to keep it liquidity. 

2.      Then using a spoon, spread some of the melted chocolate on the bottom half of the half-moon cookie.

3.       Take another half-moon cookie and stick on (see pic below), so that it looks like a stroller

4.       Dip the pretzels half-way in chocolate and then “glue” them on to the bottom of the stroller cookie for wheels.

5.       Transfer the cookies to the refrigerator for 10 minutes for the chocolate to harden. After,  place each cookie in a small-medium silicon bag and close them shut with a ribbon!

6.       Now you could pack them up and send them off!

**These cookies are also appropriate for shalom zachors and baby showers


  1. Yay stroller cookies, my fave!! Everyone is always so impressed by these cookies but really they are so easy and fun to make- kinda like the Oreo ice cream pie ;) who was the other person who sent them to Esther's kiddish?:)

  2. Nechama Tendler :)
    Thanks for giving me the recipe details Eli!

  3. Nechama Tendler :)
    Thanks for giving me the recipe details Eli!